Links to resources and information about engine idling


Around schools: interweaving stop-idling campaigns with children’s education

Click to access Make%20a%20Good%20Choice..Choose%20No%20Idling_Lesson%20PLan.pdf

Stay clean go green turn off your engine

Around the World  A great up and coming website by my friend Rey.  Collection of resources, and a lot of eye-opening information on green living and saving the Earth.  Take a look!

Hong Kong

Free stickers and posters provided by the HK government:

Stop idling technology:

Really important. Giving truckers a way to enjoy AC plus more without idling:

Hybrid refuse collection vehicles means HUGE savings in terms of money and people’s health:

The technology we desperately need as long as we keep using petrol vehicles:


The brilliant work in Taipei, Taiwan, by John Fleckenstein, Torch Pratt and others:

A: Video about their project



Government website:

News article and video about anti-idling campaign in Taiwan:

Guide to greener driving:

Not directly about idling or Taiwan, but if you are thinking about buying a scooter (in Taiwan) then first read this:




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