2015 ‘Let’s Clear the Air’ Poster Contest for Schools

In 2015 we hosted the ‘Let’s Clear the Air’ poster contest. The two themes were: ‘Stop Engine Idling’ and/or ‘Use green/public transport.’ Pictures related to one or both of these themes.
The competition had three age groups:
1:Elementary school
2:Junior High School
3:Senior High school
The artists of the top three posters in each age category have been awarded certificates, and their posters are displayed below. The top poster in each age category will be reproduced in the form of stickers or cards. These stickers or cards will be given to people in challenging financial situations (such as homeless people) for them to sell. So by participating the students will help the world, children’s health, their school’s reputation, as well as those in need of an income.

The Winnning Posters 

Elementary school

Junior High School

Senior High School

See this post in Mandarin Chinese


See here for more information about engine idling

Click here for ideas & advice on making the posters in class

Click here to see children’s stop idling posters + video

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