Mind Health Pictures

This post is a cute and pitiful attempt at helping people to make a foundation of peace in their minds, through visual representations of certain ideas I regard as beneficial.

Confucian Repentance: No Second Pass
(perhaps meaning to not let it come to pass a second time)
A visual answer to the great question of how we can learn from the past but also be present. By being clear without excessive thinking, & resolving sincerely to do better from now on. You can always make up for a mistake in the last moment by doing better in this moment.
Live & Learn, Confucian repentance, Only way is up, recovery, presence, procreate picture, ipad artwork

“Turn your face toward the sun and let the shadows fall behind you.” (Maori Proverb)

Be Clear About What You’re Doing & Do Meaningful Things

awareness + helpfulness, iPad picture, Procreate

This is, in my opinion, a brilliant guiding principle. Many people live in a cage of unnecessary rules and many seem to have far too few guiding principles at all. If you just try to be aware (conscious of what you’re doing) and do meaningful (helpful or productive) things then for some this can make life much more enjoyable and productive.


You promised to do the washing up but an old friend you really like whom you haven’t seen in ages comes round.

Too few rules: You go off with your friend for hours and hours and forget about the washing up.

Too many rules: You tell your friend to go away because you have to do the washing up right now.

Aware + meaningful things: You welcome your friend inside (making people feel valuable is highly meaningful). You check to see if the washing up can be done later. If so, you enjoy being with your friend and when they leave you’re clear that you need to do the washing up.

Here are some more examples:

Too few rules: 

You lounge around in front of the TV all day most days, with no idea what you will watch or what you’re really doing.

You often don’t get the work done you should have done and go out drifting around not doing much useful.

Too many rules:

You would really enjoy watching TV but never do because you see it as a distraction.

You forbid yourself from ever going out and keep yourself at your desk and work.

Aware + doing meaningful things

There are some shows which you really enjoy or which give you lots of knowledge, you know when they’re on, you watch them and then turn off the TV and do other stuff.

You often work well with focus and once you’re finished you go out. When you’re out you do fun or useful things. Sometimes when you’re working you feel like going out for a walk, so you head off to a cafe with your notebook and keep working. When you catch yourself daydreaming for too long you bring your focus back to the work.

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