Mind Health

The art of co-existing peacefully with your own conditioned and
connecting mind is the art of living well. If this is achieved, then whatever
you do and wherever you go, a measure of success is already yours. A
solid foundation of peacefulness within your life is the platform upon
which you can do truly great things. Peace: make a foundation.

If you sincerely aim to establish a solid foundation of peace and equanimity in your life then I recommend you read some of the transcripts of lectures given by my teacher: a highly experienced and respected Rinpoche with a deep knowledge of Buddhism, various other religions, fields, and – importantly – people.

See: Shangrinpoche.org    and    https://zh-tw.facebook.com/tsalpa.kagyu

If you live in Taipei, Taiwan, and are willing to learn well with a good attitude, then you may be able to attend classes and lectures.  You can contact Luc via the contact form if you’d like to come, or email  Luc@peacemakerfoundation.com.

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