Texts for English Class

Download these high quality English texts for free & help make the world a better place

Let’s make learning & teaching languages meaningful. We can use the target language as a platform to enhance knowledge, raise awareness & broaden horizons. Here are some English language texts relating to the promotion of health & wellbeing & amended for English (EFL/ESL/TEFL/TESL/TESOL/ESOL) classes. They were specially selected for their high quality, the value of their ideas as well as their timelessness – in that they will still be interesting for a long time to come. Many texts make use of new & innovative learning techniques invented by Luc & have digital flashcards of the key words stored online at Quizlet.com. Go to Quizlet.com & search for the ‘Peacemakerfoundation.com’ class, or search using the article’s title. All learning materials relating to the texts were created by Luc unless stated otherwise. The texts are suitable for low-intermediate to high-intermediate learners unless stated otherwise. Enjoy!