Poster competition 環保海報設計大賽

‘Let’s Clear the Air’ Poster Competition for Schools
We are hosting a ‘Let’s Clear the Air’ Poster Competition’. The two themes are: ‘Stop Engine Idling’ and/or ‘Use green/public transport.’ Pictures must relate to one or both of these themes. The language can be either English or Chinese, both colour and black and white posters are OK, and all sizes are acceptable. There is no limit to how many posters one school or student can submit.
The competition has three age groups:
1:Elementary school
2:Junior High School
3:Senior High school
The artists of the top three posters in each age category will be awarded certificates, and their posters will be displayed on the internet. The top poster in each age category will be reproduced in the form of stickers or cards. These stickers or cards will be given to people in challenging financial situations (such as homeless people) for them to sell. So if your class or school participates you will help the world, children’s health, your school’s reputation, as well as those in need of an income.
How to apply
1: Scan in the pictures or photograph (Photos must be very clear)
2: Send the digital file by email to:
The file must be received before April 22, 2015 (Earth Day).

•Remember to include the school’s name.

•Each digital file should include only one picture. (There’s no limit to how many digital files or emails you can send)

(Extra note: 25 MB max per email. If the digital files are over 25 MB then you need to send more than one email or use online storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox and send a link. We will reply to your emails to confirm they were received.)  

•Please provide each student’s name, and age category (elementary, junior or senior) within each file name.

Winners will be announced on May 1, 2015 (Labour Day), on the website: (see ‘World Health’ + ‘Poster Competition’). After the results have been announced the certificates will be sent to schools (can be sent digitally via email or by post).
For some example posters and information about engine idling please see HERE. Please forward this text to other teachers, especially those who teach art, English, or subjects relating to health and the environment.
Thank you and best wishes!
The Peacemaker Foundation
Campaigns & Projects to Promote Health & Wellbeing
Click here to download above text as PDF: ‘Let’s Clear the Air’ Poster Competition for Schools 2015

Click here for ideas & advice on making the posters in class

Click here to see children’s stop idling posters + video

本基金會將舉辦環保海報設計大賽。 海報主題為「停車熄火」或/與「環
貼紙,並發給一些需要收入的人(如:街友)來進行販賣。 所以參與可以同時
1、把圖片掃描或拍照(請拍攝清晰照片) 。


(Email 附件的檔案不能超過 25 MB. 檔案的大小超過的話請寄另外一個 email 或用雲存儲, 像Google Drive 或 Dropbox.  我們會回复來確認收到了您的 email.)  


成績公布日期:2015年5月1日(勞動節)。成績會在’World Health’+’Poster Competition’)。
更多圖片與資訊請看這裡。 請協助將本訊息轉發
謝謝! 祝 健康、平安! Thank you and best wishes!

下載PDF:環保海報設計大賽 (‘Let’s clear the air’ Poster competition)