Intro to Stop Engine Idling Campaign

Idling engines wastes fuel and money, reduces engine life, emits greenhouse gases, and creates harmful air and noise pollution.

If you would like to help improve the air quality wherever you are then you can print the pictures out yourself and distribute (copyright free).  Good places to display or distribute the images include within schools, school gates, driving schools, scooter and car dealerships, bus and train stations, refuse collection vehicle compounds, car parks and construction sites.  Putting up images by elevators, urinals, or anyplace where people stop is likely to be effective.  If you want to help this campaign then please like and share this post. You can also contact Luc via the contact form or send an email to:

If you work for a bus, coach, taxi or delivery company then click HERE

Art in Children’s Language Classes

Just remember: kids like games, stories, and cartoons.  If we help children to see learning as fun – as the greatest game – then we’ve already done them a great service.

The great thing about using art in language classes is that students can use and hear a variety of language in the process and it can also help them to achieve a relaxed focus beneficial to learning.  Furthermore auditory and visual tasks are easily performed in unison so as students draw they can still talk or listen to stories and music.  The students generally love it, it can help them to focus, you get some peace, and you’ll probably get very happy parents who have visual proof that their children are actually learning or doing something constructive.  If the artwork can help the World then all the better.  In some cases the artwork can be part of a wider campaign.  For example, in America various schools took part in an anti-idling campaign in which students drew posters, displayed them, and then even went out to remind parents in cars to not idle their engines.

While students create posters I sometimes read aloud stories or articles they have previously learned.  You can also make it a game by pausing in mid-speech.  The student that can recall the next sentence, word or idea can get a point for their team.

Tip: Each student must first create a sketch including all the text in pencil.  Then a teacher checks and only once the teacher says or writes that it’s OK can the student start to use pen.  It’s often good to use plenty of the target language in the artwork, such as in speech bubbles and so on.

Example artwork from English classes:

Feel free to get in touch and send images by your students.  High quality artwork with beneficial messages could be put online.

If you have a school in Hong Kong and would like to hire Luc (the Peacemaker founder) for a poster making session with students then feel free to get in touch.  Free for orphanages, charities, and non-profit organizations.

For resources to help when making posters with students see HERE

To see the winning entries in our 2015 poster contest see HERE

Stop Engine Idling Pictures + English Text ‘停車熄火’圖像+英文字

Click here for Chinese posters 中文的海報按這裡

Let's clear the air.  Please don't idle.  Cartoon poster.

Let’s clear the air. Please don’t idle.

Let's clear the air English Text 5 copy

Let's clear the air

Let's clear the air 4 Let's clear the air 3

Copyright free Stop Idling picture

Air Quality Campaign Poster (for you to fill in, print, and distribute).

Stop engine idling poster in Taipei

Stop Idling Start Saving

Stop Idling Start Saving UK bus 1

‘Stop Idling Start Saving’ poster for the UK

Stop Idling Start Saving UK 4  Bus

‘Oi Driver! No!’ ‘Stop Idling Start Saving’ poster for the UK and London using Harry Enfield character.

'Stop Idling Start Saving' poster for London

‘Oi London! No!’ ‘Stop Idling Start Saving’ poster for London using Harry Enfield character.

Turn off your engines sticker or poster 2

Turn off your engines sticker or poster

cuando para, apague el motor , cuide el ambiente, su salud y su dinero, stop idling start saving

Spanish: cuando para, apague el motor , cuide el ambiente, su salud y su dinero

Clean air isn't just a pipe dream 'The exhausted man' Petra Rohr-Rouendaal