Wisdom makes a better present

Here are what I believe to be some of the most helpful and special quotes of all time. This collection is unique because it can almost be read as a single flowing text owing to the interconnectedness of the ideas. This collection started as a series of simple life guidelines I wrote for young English learners interspersed with related quotes. Over the years more and more quotes were added and much of my own slightly shoddy writing discarded.

Attention teachers! Sharing a relevant topic related quote in class can be a really interesting way to start discussions and get learners thinking.

I have found these quotes ideal for English classes and I keep a record of what quotes I have shared with what classes so that I can make class specific quotes lists and we can have fun review sessions. These quotes can also be used as part of the ‘Wisdom Cards‘ idea.

Download PDF

W.I.S.E (Wisdom In Studying English) Helpful Quotes & Sayings Short version (as above)

W.I.S.E (Wisdom In Studying English) for Peacemakerfoundation.com Medium Version (Includes some quotes from the Peacemaker Foundation)

W.I.S.E (Wisdom In Studying English) for Peacemakerfoundation.com Long Version (Includes quotes & advice or explanations from the author written in simple language, suitable for some beginner level English language learners and children)