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風能做 Wind Energy: Just do it

Wind energy. The answer is blowing in the wind. Just do it.


飄在風中。The question is how to meet our energy needs in a safe & sustainable way. The answer is blowing in the wind

(照片來自, 文字是我們加上的)(Photo from, text added)

‘‘Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!”

(W. H. Murray in The Scottish Himalaya Expedition, 1951, paraphrasing Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

‘‘(不管是什麼, 如果你能做或覺得你能做開始做。 氣魄裡面有天才、力量、和魔術。)”

(W. H. Murray,1951, 復述 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 的話)

這是為了促進友好型的能源,不只是風力。如果跟風力比較起來的話其他可再生能源有一些好處。 比如說,太陽能不需要任何什麼會動的零件所以比較容易保養、對於鳥沒有威脅、而且是安靜的。 不過未來可能還會需要風能: 最大的風力渦輪機的產生電量是巨大,小的風力渦輪機可放在屋頂上面或其他方便的地方,而且新的風力渦輪機的設計有一些好處:更安靜、更便宜、對鳥更安全、需要的土地更少、而且效率高。 

This is to promote renewable energy in general rather than just wind turbines. Other renewable energy options have some advantages over wind energy. For example, solar power requires no moving parts so potentially means less maintenance, no threat to birds and no noise. However; wind energy is likely here to stay for now: the energy output of some of the largest wind turbines is colossal, small turbines can conveniently be put up onto roofs or various other places and furthermore new wind turbine designs claim to offer numerous advantages such as less noise, less cost, less threat to birds, use of less space and greater efficiency.


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