Texts for English Class

Download these high quality English texts for free & help make the world a better place

Let’s make learning & teaching languages meaningful. We can use the target language as a platform to enhance knowledge, raise awareness & broaden horizons. Here are some English language texts relating to the promotion of health & wellbeing & amended for English (EFL/ESL/TEFL/TESL/TESOL/ESOL) classes. They were specially selected for their high quality, the value of their ideas as well as their timelessness – in that they will still be interesting for a long time to come. Many texts make use of new & innovative learning techniques invented by Luc & have digital flashcards of the key words stored online at Quizlet.com. Go to Quizlet.com & search for the ‘Peacemakerfoundation.com’ class, or search using the article’s title. All learning materials relating to the texts were created by Luc unless stated otherwise. The texts are suitable for low-intermediate to high-intermediate learners unless stated otherwise. Enjoy!

Mind Health Texts for English Class

Everyday Think as You Wake Up’ + ‘Everyone’s a VIP’ + Quizlet (The above text)

‘Everyday Think as You Wake Up’ + Quizlet (beginner to intemediate)

The Greatest Achievement is Selflessness + Quizlet

The Pursuit of Happiness + Tablearning technique (advanced)

Mindmap to go with the article

The Pursuit of Happiness (Mindmap of article)

Pandas are why Taipei is Happy + Quizlet
Supplementary material for ‘Pandas are why Taipei is Happy’ (World Rankings for Quality of Life)

Comparing Income with Peers Causes Unhappiness (created by Rob at Davids English)

Lost Spanish Lotto Ticket Handed in to Clear Conscience + Quizlet

World Health Texts for English Class

World Peace
The Global Community (intermediate to advanced)

Zones of Peace (intermediate to advanced)

Christian Church Opens Doors to Muslims + Quizlet

Germany’s anti-Islam Marches (advanced)

Excerpts from A New Beginning Obama’s Speech for the Muslim World in Cairo (advanced)
A New Beginning Obama’s Speech for the Muslim World in Cairo (advanced)
A New Beginning Obama’s Speech for the Muslim World in Cairo (Chinese translation)
A New Beginning Obama’s Speech for the Muslim World in Cairo (Arabic translation)

The Environment 

Legal Limit on Vehicles Idling Set to be Enforced + Quizlet (The above text)
Link to related video

London Drivers Face Idling Fine + Quizlet

The Bicycle Kingdom Starts Living up to its Name (intermediate to advanced)
Questions about cycling in the city

Now that’s a First Class Delivery! Posties Trial Futuristic Electric UNICYCLES + Quizlet

Filling a City With Moving Walkways + Quizlet   (intermediate to advanced)
Link to Video

*A Short History of Nearly Everything (excerpt) + Quizlet (The above text) (intermediate to advanced)
*A Short History of Nearly Everything (full text) + Quizlet (advanced)
A Short History of Nearly Everything (Quizlet flashcards)
*(About Claire Patterson: the man who campaigned to get lead taken out of petrol)

Rise of the Asian Megacity + Quizlet (advanced)

City Sponsored Study Touts Benefits of Pedestrian Plazas and Bike Lanes + Quizlet (The above text)

Paris Launches Electric Car-Sharing Scheme (created by Rob at Davids English)
Questions about electric vehicles and car sharing

Looking for the Happiest Place on Earth. Head Straight for Denmark + Quizlet

People in Taiwan Waste about NT$240 Billion Worth of Food per Year: Poll + Quizlet

Queen Elizabeth II Buys World Largest Wind Turbine – Towers over Big Ben, to Light up Thousands of British Homes + Quizlet

Penguins’ Slick New Look: Woolly Jumpers Help Save Hundreds of Birds Caught in Oil Spills + Quizlet
‘Penguins’ Slick New Look’ article (Quizlet flashcards printout)


這些圖片可用在教室內。可以添顏色、加文字、或當成參考資料。特別適合語言、科學、或藝術有關的課。 圖像之下的文字可以’發動’小孩子的靈感。他們應該不會有很’怠’的態度。

The following copyright free images can be used in the classroom, either for colouring in and adding text or as a reference. Especially suitable for language, science, and art classes.  Some text ideas are provided to help ‘kickstart’ the children’s inspiration.  Hopefully they won’t be idle.



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