Personal Light Electric Vehicles (Specs Comparison Charts)

Here is an attempt at providing the most rigorous, objective and accurate evaluative comparison of LPT (lightweight portable transport) gadgets to date (2020). They are rated as commuting tools using an extension of the ‘Pugh matrix’ known as the Group Average Matrix Evaluation (GAME) system invented by the author (Luc). Transport tools are in the left column & factors (considerations) are on the top row. Each factor has a weighting (importance value) which is the average importance number given by participants. For example, participants saw the portability factor as important so gave it high importance numbers with an average of 8.6 (weighting). The top speed factor was seen as less important & the average is just 5.8 (weighting). For each factor a gadget is given an achievement score which is how well it performs in that factor area. For example, the Urmo with a handle gets a perfect achievement score of 10 for the portability factor because it’s so light, small & can be pushed by the handle. The achievement score is multiplied by the weighting to produce a weighting x achievement score. So for the Urmo in portability it’s 8.6 (weighting) x 10 (achievement score) = 86 (weighting x achievement score) . The overall score for each gadget is the sum total of all weighting x achievement scores.

This will likely be regularly updated in future so best to come back to this page once in a while.PLEVs LPT Transport gadgets comparison chart table 1PLEVs LPT Transport gadgets comparison chart table 2PLEVs LPT Transport gadgets comparison chart table 3To view or download a PDF of the above chart click HERE


So which gadget is right for you personally or for your rental scheme? Simply click on the interactive chart below & enter your own weightings (importance values) for the factors. The scores automatically adjust every time you enter a value & when complete each tool will have an overall score to show how suitable it is likely to be for you.  We’re attempting the impossible – it will never be 100% accurate or comprehensive but should give you a clear objective picture on which to base your intuition. Just replace the default weighting of 5 with your own weighting (from 1 to 10).  Works best with a touchscreen – just swipe within the chart to move around. You can also use the scroll bar within the chart or arrow keys to move around. Your amendments will be reset if you leave this page. For more exact instructions swipe or scroll to the top of the chart.

For scooter rental schemes

If you are looking here for a scooter to use in a rental scheme with a capped speed lower than all the top speeds of the scooters shown then you should enter ‘0’ as a weighting (importance value) for the speed factor. Likewise, you may wish to give ‘portability’ a lower weighting given that most users will dock their scooters rather than push or carry them around. We advocate giving ‘manual use’ (pushing with feet) a high weighting given the importance of exercise, convenience of carrying on if out of charge. Using electric scooters manually can also help oncoming pedestrians to feel more at ease (personal experience) and a lightweight scooter suitable for manual use may also translate into enhanced pedestrian safety. Factors contributing to  ‘manual use’ but not included in the matrix are ‘deck height’ and ‘degree of roll resistance’. A low deck and minimal roll resistance allow a scooter to be used manually.  Among others ET-WOW scooters (AKA uscooters) seem especially suitable in this regard and they are being promoted as suitable scooters for rental schemes. Furthermore some of the ET-WOW scooters have received top ratings from users – see HERE.

If you would like us to make a revised matrix with additional factors specific to your rental scheme just let us know – happy to help. 

UPDATE JULY 2020 – The ‘Zoom’ company seems to be out of business now. Also various other scooters not included here have been highly rated on Electric Scooter so check them out as well HERE if interested. 

We believe that we now need to embrace lightweight portable transport to help slow global warming, boost people’s well-being through cleaner air & maintaining a safe social distance while avoiding enclosed spaces with others. If you agree & wish to see more electric devices such as scooters legalised for personal use as well as in rental schemes then please sign this petition:

To see mindmaps showing pros and cons of different transport gadgets click HERE

Some older gadgets – a comparison chart made in 2015

ELPT, Electric Lightweight Portable Transport Tools, Electric Mobility Devices  Download
PDF: Transportables
Word File: Transportables

So what should we call these things? I suggested:
Transportables‘ (transport tools that are portable)
& also ‘Lightweight Portable Transport‘ (LPT).
Here are some competing names:
Personal transport gadgets (PTGs?)
Personal Light Electric Vehicles‘ (PLEVs) (the term used by the UK government),
Powered Transporters‘,
Rideables‘ (possibly from Wired magazine).


此對比表是2015年做的.我們以後會更新. 雙電機雙輪腳角車, lean machines, Inventist, hovertrax, Solowheel, Balance Boards, Balance Scooters, Foot Scooters, chic-smart, esway, iohawk, Monorover R2, SmartraxS5, Phunkeeduck
上面的資訊是按照公司提供的資料而不是按照自己的經驗或研究。Phunkeeduck 的資料還沒確定是對的。如果看到任何什麼錯誤歡迎您連絡我們。謝謝!


看英文版 (see this in English)  



如果要學會用平衡車那一定要看一下的安全學習的方法說明。它是按照我自己的學 Hovertrax 的經驗寫出來的。


電動自平衡車好玩也很方便,但是除非用得很拿手並沒那麼安全。您一定要先去安全的場所把一下的十個步驟學會再能騎在大馬路旁邊或其他有挑戰性的環境。千萬不要到大馬路邊學習。安全的場所算是運行軌跡,籃球場, 網球場, 遊樂場等等。好了好了, 開始了。




一腳走下放在車後面, 另一腳保持平衡在車上面 。
長練習停車的方法。普通停車的方法就是後傾斜。 如果高速時要很快的停下來可以後傾斜同時往下蹲伏, 手與地面平行。要多練習看一看您在多麼短的距離能停車。Hovertrax 應該能 1米到1.5米之內停下來。
練習專車在一個位置(一個腳前傾,另一個腳後傾) 和 轉彎 (一個腳前傾,另一個腳平衡)。
在崎嶇地形上面一些自平衡車容易卡住或突然轉向所以您需要練習高速緊急走下的防法喔。注意! 要很小心,如果走下時腳下推平台車就會隨著移動。
開始的時候要往前慢慢跑,然後第一腳快速的垮到車前面, 然後 第二腳跨到最前面。
step off foot scooter 2
10. 速度和穩定性
當您其他的步驟完全學會了在能做高速保持穩定的測試。注意: 一些車容易突然轉向所以要特別小心。
一次接著一次您可以逐漸增加速度, 每一次更快一點。如果自平衡車的速度控制向後傾斜,或它發出噪音或震動要降低車速, 不要繼續增加速度因為如果車沒辦法更快那有跌到的危險。


1. 理解機器和概念
2. 完全學會基本的動作
3. 最後再可以學習更高級的動作




精彩 Solowheel、Hovertrax、Phunkeeduck、 zBoard Pro 的審查。它也說明安全的重要

風能做 Wind Energy: Just do it

Wind energy. The answer is blowing in the wind. Just do it.


飄在風中。The question is how to meet our energy needs in a safe & sustainable way. The answer is blowing in the wind

(照片來自, 文字是我們加上的)(Photo from, text added)

‘‘Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!”

(W. H. Murray in The Scottish Himalaya Expedition, 1951, paraphrasing Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

‘‘(不管是什麼, 如果你能做或覺得你能做開始做。 氣魄裡面有天才、力量、和魔術。)”

(W. H. Murray,1951, 復述 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 的話)

這是為了促進友好型的能源,不只是風力。如果跟風力比較起來的話其他可再生能源有一些好處。 比如說,太陽能不需要任何什麼會動的零件所以比較容易保養、對於鳥沒有威脅、而且是安靜的。 不過未來可能還會需要風能: 最大的風力渦輪機的產生電量是巨大,小的風力渦輪機可放在屋頂上面或其他方便的地方,而且新的風力渦輪機的設計有一些好處:更安靜、更便宜、對鳥更安全、需要的土地更少、而且效率高。 

This is to promote renewable energy in general rather than just wind turbines. Other renewable energy options have some advantages over wind energy. For example, solar power requires no moving parts so potentially means less maintenance, no threat to birds and no noise. However; wind energy is likely here to stay for now: the energy output of some of the largest wind turbines is colossal, small turbines can conveniently be put up onto roofs or various other places and furthermore new wind turbine designs claim to offer numerous advantages such as less noise, less cost, less threat to birds, use of less space and greater efficiency.


If you want to help reduce global warming you can support Avaaz

停車熄火環保活動介紹 Intro to Stop Engine Idling Campaign

怠速引擎會浪費汽油, 浪費錢, 縮短發動機的壽命, 排放溫室氣體, 也會造成有害的空氣污染跟噪音.

不管你在那裡如果你想改善空氣品質可以自己把這些圖片印出來, 分發 (無版權). 適合展出或分發的地方: 學校內、學校大門、駕駛學校、摩托車跟汽車經銷商、公共汽車站跟火車站、垃圾車停車場、停車場及建築地盤。貼在電梯, 小便池, 或人會停留的地方可能最有效.

如果你想支持或參與這個活動請按’Like’或跟別人分享. 也可以用聯繫表格或發email給


Idling engines wastes fuel and money, reduces engine life, emits greenhouse gases, and creates harmful air and noise pollution. If you would like to help improve the air quality wherever you are then you can print the pictures out yourself and distribute (copyright free). Good places to display or distribute the images include within schools, school gates, driving schools, scooter and car dealerships, bus and train stations, refuse collection vehicle compounds, car parks and construction sites. Putting up images by elevators, urinals, or anyplace where people stop is likely to be effective. If you want to help this campaign then please like and share this post. You can also contact Luc via the contact form or send an email to:

If you work for a bus, coach, taxi or delivery company then click HERE


'停車熄火'+'環保交通' 貼紙或海報 Stop engine idling cartoon

‘停車熄火’ +’環保交通’ 漫畫+顏色


‘停車熄火’+’環保交通’ 漫畫

停車熄火資訊與鏈接 Links to resources & information about engine idling 

美國 America

停車熄火活動在小孩子的教育 Around schools: Interweaving stop-idling campaigns with children’s education

國際 Around the World: International  非常好的一個網站; 包括很多環保的方法  A great up and coming website by my friend Rey.  Collection of resources, and a lot of eye-opening information on green living and saving the Earth.  Take a look!

香港 Hong Kong

香港政府提供的免費的停車熄火鐵質與海報: Free resources provided by the Hong Kong government:

台灣 Taiwan

John Fleckenstein、Torch Pratt、與朋友在台北努力推廣停車熄火活動 The brilliant work in Taipei, Taiwan, by John Fleckenstein, Torch Pratt and others:

A:影片有關於他們的活動 Video about their project

B:  報紙文章

C:  報紙文章  政府的網站 Government website  報紙文章與影片有關於台灣的停車熄火活動 News article and video about anti-idling campaign in Taiwan  更環保開車的方法 Guide to greener driving

這段文字不是有關於台灣或停車熄火,可是如果您想買機車請好好閱讀(都是英文哦)Not directly about idling or Taiwan, but if you are thinking about buying a scooter (in Taiwan) then first read this:

停車熄火科技在美國 Technology to stop idling  讓開卡車的司機有方法享受空調/冷氣同時不用怠速引擎  Really important. Giving truckers a way to enjoy AC plus more without idling  如果我們使用油電混合垃圾車可以省非常多的錢也能保護人家健康 Hybrid refuse collection vehicles means HUGE savings in terms of money and people’s health   如果我們繼續使用汽油車那一定需要利用這些科技哦!The technology we desperately need as long as we keep using petrol vehicles

自平衡車 (自平衡單輪與兩輪車) Self-Balancing Electric Wheels & Foot Scooters 

Specs for some of the latest eWheels & electric foot scooters

Viewable PDF format 


MS Word: 自平衡車的對比表 (二月2015)

PDF:自平衡車的對比表 (二月2015


Word File: Electric Wheels Compared (February 2015)

PDF: Electric Wheels Compared (February 2015)


金牌: Solowheel Orbit 和 Solowheel Extreme 贏了在三個部類不過它們也是最貴的。

銀牌: Firewheel 和 Rockwheel 表現也不錯 因為贏了在兩個部類。 (Hovertrax 贏了兩個輸了四個 - 要看那一些因素比較重要。)

銅牌: 你覺得呢?(可能是 Freeman A4。)

最近非常受歡迎的自平衡單輪車是 Gotway。 未來的對比表更新版會包括 Gotway。

Winners Podium   

Gold medal: Solowheel Orbit and Solowheel Extreme each are the winners in three categories, but they are also the most expensive.

Silver medal: Firewheel and Rockwheel also do quite well with each one winning in two categories. Hovertrax wins two categories as well but loses in four – just depends which categories are more important for you.

Bronze medal: What do you reckon? (Perhaps Freeman A4)

Update: Recently a very promising and popular eWheel has been the Gotway which will certainly appear in the next edition of this table.


我自己覺得兩輪自平衡車很好。它們更容易學所以我買了Hovertrax – 好玩, 品質也很好, 可是高速不穩定而且不適合不平衡的地。


Author’s advice

Personally I like the electric foot scooters because they’re easier to learn (apparently) so I bought Hovertrax which is great fun and very well built although it lacks stability at speed and only works well on smooth surfaces. If you have enough money and you value patent ethics you might wish to buy from Inventist seeing as they hold the patents.

很好的自平衡車的影片   Great Electric Wheel Videos

精彩 Solowheel、Hovertrax、Phunkeeduck、 zBoard Pro 的審查。它也說明安全的重要 Fantastic review of Solowheel, Hovertrax, Phunkeeduck & the zBoard Pro. Also shows how important it is to ride carefully!

好玩 Solowheel 的廣告  Fun advert for the solowheel

Solowheel 在倫敦  The Solowheel in London

好玩 Ninebot 1 的廣告  Fun advert for Ninebot 1

好看 Ninebot 1 的廣告  Super slick super cool ad for Ninebot 1

好完 IPS F400 的廣告  Fun advert for IPS F400

郵差用 Airwheel   Airwheel Mail Delivery

特技 Airwheel  Airwheel stunts

更多特技 Airwheel  More Airwheel stunts

兩輪自平衡車的影片 Foot Scooter videos


Chic-smart的影片  Chic-smart video from Korea

鏈接   Links

輕便交通工具的對比表 (包括 Solowheel 與 Hovertrax)  Transportables:comparison chart of lightweight portable transport tools including the Solowheel & Hovertrax

沒有車子的路很好走:如果我們選一些路開放給輕便交通工具會怎樣?     Green Lanes: car-free streets open to eWheels, bikes, and other forms of LPT (lightweight portable transport)  

新的英文的稱號 New terminology


The new inventions are great, but our names for them are not. Here are some suggested names:

Electric wheel or eWheel 自平衡單輪車
Electric Foot Scooter 兩輪自平衡車
LPT (Lightweight Portable/Personal Transport)
Transportable 可提的交通工具

綠色通道提案: 沒有車子的路很好走



非常容易, 便宜, 有效, 而且完全可以反轉。 這些圖片描畫台北可是這個方法可以用在別的城市。

Road in Taipei with no sidewalk Street in Taipei
car-free road design for Taipei

Chongqing South Road

Chongqing South Road, Taipei

Chongqing South Rd

As a car-free road (‘green lane’)

Chongqing South Road as a green lane

Chongqing South Road as a green lane + pod cars

2013-10-30 16.57.26

Fuxing South Road, Taipei

Fuxing South Rd as a Green Lane

Fuxing South Rd as a Green Lane

Fuxing South Rd as a Green Lane + Ultra pod Cars

Fuxing South Rd as a Green Lane + pod Cars

YongKang Street in Taipei

Yongkang Street, Taipei

A green lane in Taipei

A lane in Taipei               Turned into a Green Lane

Copy of Taipei - a green future

方法很多。可以提供給他們免費停車場、補償費、 或特殊訪問許可證。他們可用電子ID自動打開欄柵或關口。他們要慢速得開車用旁邊的車道。

開始實行這個規劃的時候附近的路也許會有更多車子,可是很可能自行車、其他環保交通工具、與行人都會減少因為他們能用綠道。 而且等一段時間很多司機會多使用輕便環保交通工具或走路,所以整個城市的車很可能會減少。


“People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.” (George Bernard Shaw)
(說’不可能’的人不應該打擾正在做的人) (George Bernard Shaw)

這種規劃已經有做過在很多地方。 請看這裡這裡。唯一差別就是路是給輕便交通工具而不是全部給行人。科技發展的很快、交通工具越來越輕便、小、安全、有效率、而且城市的密度會越來越高, 所以這種或同樣的規劃是必要的。 重点是我们要做得好。



這些圖片可用在教室內。可以添顏色、加文字、或當成參考資料。特別適合語言、科學、或藝術有關的課。 圖像之下的文字可以’發動’小孩子的靈感。他們應該不會有很’怠’的態度。

The following copyright free images can be used in the classroom, either for colouring in and adding text or as a reference. Especially suitable for language, science, and art classes.  Some text ideas are provided to help ‘kickstart’ the children’s inspiration.  Hopefully they won’t be idle.



2015 環保海報設計大賽的成績公布

In 2015 we held a poster contest. For the results see HERE

2015 環保海報設計大賽的成績公布

2015年本基金會舉辦環保海報設計大賽。 海報主題為「停車熄火」或/與「環
貼紙,並發給一些需要收入的人(如街友)來進行販賣。 所以參與可以同時